Product info

Use and maintenance
The rings are tested and assembled before sale, and can be assembled without tools. If you have any doubt about how the parts go together, please follow the instructions which followed or at this link.

Stainless steel, aluminium, wood and plexiglass are all very different materials. Therefore the strength and durability of the ring, very much depends on the material used.
Please note, that a ring combined by e.g. metal and plexiglass can brake, if you drop it on a hard surface. The birch veneer parts are not un-treated, and is therefore prone to moist, water and stains. You can, if you want treat the birch veneer parts with oil to prevent any stains etc. The plexiglass can be scratched and all metals will over time patinate.

All metal parts is sold with their natural patina, but is is very easy to polish e.g. copper, if you want a shiny surface, and aluminium can be brushed with a metal brush for a brushed effect.

Because the copper is not coated, it can tint your skin when wearing the ring. But it is easily removed with water and soap, and is not in anyway harmful.

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Production precessions and tolerances
All EMSO designs products are locally produced in Denmark. All plexiglass is laser cuttet and all parts in metal are water jettet. Every piece is post-treated – the metal parts are polished for smoother edges and all pieces are tested and assembled by hand before shipping.

We strive for a high precession in production that allow the assemble of very different materials. The combination of these different materials makes a certain tolerance necessary, which means that the fitting of the pieces can vary, without it being a flaw.
The special designed boxes are assembled by hand as well, without any glue so parts can move, but it are very easily pushed back together by hand.

If there is any kind of problem with your ring or box, or if you have any questions or comments about maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact us on