The Idea

The EMSO rings are both challenging puzzles and an invitaiotn to play in rich world of materials and colors. In this way the design is not a static experience, but can be changed over time due to both patination of the material and the interchangeable parts. Hereby the design “leaves the hands of the Architect” and will transformed, marked and personalized by the owner – like a dynamic miniature of the city and its inhabitants.



EMSO design is founded by Else Maria Søeborg Ohlsen (EMSO) in 2014. EMSO is educated as an Architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture (MAA) in Copenhagen in 2016. The primary product of EMSO design just now is the EMSO rings that are clearly developed through architectural work processes – from hand drawn sketching and conceptual development through prototype development to final production.



EMSO design is about much more than jewelry and we are progressively developing new projects anchored in the same architectural understanding aiming at both aesthetic and functional purposes. Potential partners and clients with a need for product development or architectural solutions are more than welcome to get in touch for an informal dialog about the possibilities.


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